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The freelance portfolio and design company of Gary Cooke. The goal is simple I focus my creative energies on current trends, luxury, & art so I can help brands to live in the perfect balance of sophistication and simplicity.

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About Gary Cooke

Front-End Development with style! Fast loading, responsive development of Wordpress, React JS, and other web technologies using valid, accessible, and semantic coding practices.

I’m a freelance front-end developer located in Cleveland, Tennessee. I’ve been making websites since I was 16 when you built the internet inside of frames, tables, and flash buttons were the way to go. I’ve been specializing in front-end development, WordPress, and responsive design for years now, and enjoy a good coding challenge. I've come to enjoy CSS3 animations but used in small ways to enhance a website not take them over, and I enjoy building code that has browser compatibility and great UX built into it. Code organization and semantics are extremely important to me, and I usually end up spending extra time just to rewrite a module to be a little bit clearer or easier to find.

  • Always learning new skills
  • Over 10 years experience
  • Passion driven & Award Winning


Responsive Web Design

Organized and semantic HTML5 and CSS3 is used to bring your designs to life. I prefer coding from scratch instead of a pre-built framework, all of my websites are built on custom tailored code customized just for that project.

Wordpress Development

Built on top of my customized developer theme, I use this tool set to build you an amazing website and grant you access to a custom admin area you need to edit all content, as well as specializing in custom PHP functions.

React JS Development

I am proficient with React.js. My primary focus is on developing user interface components and implementing them following well-known React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux).

UX/UI Development

I love to design user friendly interfaces. From games & apps all the way up to websites, if you need a look and feel people will love I can't wait to help you build it.

Freelance Design

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As an agency...

I’ll fit seamlessly into your workflow. Whether that’s taking client feedback directly, or attending client meetings as ‘one of your agency team’, we never disclose who I am or what I do for your business.

As a company...

I'm an enthusiastic web development specialist; an early adopter and tech lead who enjoys using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML together to develop innovative solutions to online problems, and to design and implement beautiful, responsive, websites. I'd love to work with or for your company to help you innovate and take your digital assets to a new level.

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